Future Shows

Stay 25.11.23 (Live) Funkwerke Stream Vol 5, Lost/n Found, Berlin

Stay Tuned… Get in touch for bookings, collabs and interest!

Past Shows, Releases, Films, Interviews

15.09.23 (Live) Patched Out, The Black Box, Denver

09.09.23 (Live) Knobcon, Chicago

16.07.23 (Live) Conscious Clubbing, Crack Bellmer, Berlin

29.06.23 (Live) Berlin Modular Society, Fitzroy, Berlin

08.06.23 (DJ) The B Side, Berlin

19.05.23 (Live) Obscure Obsession, Loophole, Berlin

20.04.23 (DJ) The B Side, Berlin

01.04.23 (Live) Madame Claude, Berlin

04.02.2023 (Live) Anastave’s Showcase, Das Gift, Berlin

05.11.2022 (Live) Anastave’s Showcase, Das Gift, Berlin

18.06 – 25.09.2022 Mad Time Warp—Infinite Playlist, Party Office, documenta fifteen, Kassel. Recording on Lumbung TV as part of a 3 month installation

22.03.2022 “Body Heat“, “Ceasefire Compilation“, Tongræber, Vienna

31.01.2022 “Psychogenic Love“, Vamp Acid, Berlin

05.2021 Musicboard Berlin Project Award 

17.03.2021 (Interviewee & Performer) #pinkBits: The Movie///, Neon Liberal, Berlin

02.08.2020 (Keynote Speaker & DJ Set) EMWS 2020, Reform Radio (UK), Mind the Music, Belgium

25.06.2020 (Keynote Speaker) Electronic Music Wellness Summit (EMWS 2020), The Unicorn Mothership, Belgium

22.06.2020 “Erotic Discipline“, “Do You Even Acid” compilation, Obskur Music, Canada

02.2020 – 04.2020 (Studio Share Speaker) Lucky+Love’s Video Streaming Party

09.2019 – 12.2019 (Live Residency) Dreikantholz, Maze, Berlin

07.12.2019 (DJ) Unterschall, ZORO, Leipzig

15.09.2019 (Live) The Statement XXXL Edition, Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin

24.08.2019 (Live) Techno City #4 – Praha Edition, Prague

20.07.2019 “Every Emotion (Feat. Vamp Acid)“, Neon Liberal, Berlin 

24.03.2019 (Live Improv) Machine Jam #4, Machine Jazz Berlin Record Label (Annanan), Gr_und, Berlin

2017 (Hybrid Live/DJ) Acud Macht Neu, Schwuz, Berlin

2015 – 2016 (DJ Residency) Goldcell, The Lash, Los Angeles

2016 (DJ) Indie film party, The Lash, Los Angeles

2016 (DJ) Omakase Show, KXLU Radio, Los Angeles

2015 (DJ) LA Dead – Hex Halloween, Monte Cristo, Los Angeles