Vamp Acid’s sultry vocals exude power over spicy Acid synths and sweet Electro beats. Muse of the Cosmos invokes freedom of dance, which Ravers define as “Hypnotic, Dark Rave”.

The first seeds were sown at two-week non-stop Colombian rave, Bogotrax, where she connected with International Breakcore and Techno DJs. Arriving to LA, this inspired her to go beyond DJing and learn the ropes of music production with Rave Artists, Body Music culture, workshopping and EBM Pioneers, Nitzer Ebb. Emerging in the Berlin Winter of 2019, an affinity for defining chaos of the world is reflected in Vamp’s energy, where she performs with live analog and digital instruments and a collection of vintage to field samples. Her deepest experiences break through into sounds that will inspire and energise your soul.

Stay in touch for the release of her debut EP, “Psychogenic Love.”