Vamp Acid hails from LA to Berlin since completing her Systems Architecture mission with NASA. The Experience Designer, Producer and Sonic Alchemist creates journeys that transcend time, space and genre— performing at the nexus of Acid Techno and EBM. Her debut album, “Psychogenic Love,” takes you to a warm, glowing dimension of dystopian ballads where smoky vocals radiate power over retro breaks, hypnotic synths, and a Post-Punk energy. She draws inspiration from living in fringe societies, her earthly travels and vintage cinema. With enigmatic imagery, she evokes deep reflection by blending elements of posthumanism, existentialism and surrealism. Her unique sounds modulate across Tongræber (AT) and Obskur (CA) labels— and have been compared to Chris Liberator, Kittin & The Hacker and Lords of Acid. She has been featured by Documenta Fifteen, SoundCloud, RTVE Resonancias, HNT Radio, Cashmere Radio, Modular Systems, Female:Pressure, Reform Radio UK and received the Musicboard Berlin Award. Vamp Acid creates spectral music as a catalyst for empowerment and equality, propelling her sound beyond galaxies to unite our danceworlds.